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Centro de psicologia y salud en San fernando, Cádiz

Psychology and health center

We are in San Fernando, Cádiz

What is Azira psychology and health?

psicologia en cadiz y salud mental

Center for Psychology and Health in San Fernando, Cadiz. We are a team with extensive experience in the field of mental health.

We conceive well-being as a dynamic balance between biological, psychological and social factors that interact with each other.

In our center, different therapeutic areas are addressed in a specialized manner: Adult therapy, child and adolescent therapy, couples therapy, family therapy. From psychology and psychiatry, we believe that the deepest crises can be the starting point for important changes.

Ana Ariza, director of the center.

What our users think

These are some of the reviews left by those people who have visited our center and references to the service we offer.

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Magnificent office of excellent professionals who help you solve problems. I recommend one hundred percent
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Unbeatable first session, short wait, excellent professionals, the reception couldn't be nicer and my experience today along with the comments read are totally correct. Efficiency, professionalism, closeness, kindness.... Very happy
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Excellent team with great professionals. Empathy, sweetness, personal treatment and the love with which they work make you feel comfortable from the first moment. Productive and enjoyable sessions.
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Ana Ariza (psychologist) is an excellent professional and a better person (if possible). It helps you bring out the best in yourself and take control of your has helped me a lot!
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Highly qualified professionals

When to go to psychological therapy?

The decision to seek psychological help is a brave step towards self-knowledge and emotional well-being. It is advisable to consider therapy when emotional, behavioral, or psychological challenges begin to significantly interfere with your daily life. It is also a vital space for those seeking personal growth, wanting to improve their self-esteem, or need support navigating times of change or loss.

Assistance offers

In addition to serving individuals, in our center we provide assistance to most insurance companies.

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terapia psicológica y salud

Who are our psychology sessions aimed at?

Adults and couples

Whether facing personal challenges, work stress, or seeking personal growth, adult therapy focuses on providing the tools necessary to manage everyday life in a healthier and more satisfying way. Thus, we address situations of couples seeking to improve communication, resolve conflicts and strengthen the relationship.

Children and adolescents

Children and adolescents can also benefit greatly from therapy, which helps them navigate the challenges of their age, such as school, social, emotional, or behavioral problems.


Family therapy is useful for addressing problems that affect family dynamics, promoting better understanding and harmony between its members.

How can Azira help you?

Our psychologists are specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy, couples therapy, child and adolescent therapy, and other modalities adapted to the individual needs of each patient.
A psychiatrist is recommended when there are mood disorders, psychotic disorders, or an evaluation for pharmacological treatment is needed.
A nutritionist will help you design a healthy eating plan, which will contribute to your physical and mental well-being, and can be essential in the treatment of eating disorders.
Pedagogues specialize in educational advice, support for learning difficulties, and guidance to parents and educators on effective pedagogical practices.

You can contact us for an initial consultation where we will evaluate your needs and guide you to the most suitable professional on our team. 

Yes, we have therapy options and online consultations for those who prefer or need this modality.