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We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of psychology and different therapeutic specialties:

Adult Psychology

Our adult psychology service focuses on providing individualized support and effective strategies to manage:

Anxiety | Depression | Phobias, agoraphobia and panic disorders | Duel | Obsessive compulsive disorder | Addictions | Post-traumatic stress disorder | Eating disorders | Self-esteem | Sexual Dysfunctions | Psychological expertise

Child and Youth Psychology

Our child and youth psychology area offers a safe and welcoming space for children and adolescents to explore their emotions, overcome obstacles and develop vital skills for healthy and happy growth.
Behavioral disorders | Aggressiveness | Relationship problems | Jealousy | School failure | Hyperactivity | Learning problems | Duel | Shyness | Self-esteem problems | Anxiety| Depression | Enuresis | Psychological report

Couple therapy

Couples therapy at our center is designed to strengthen communication, resolve conflicts and rejuvenate emotional connection, helping couples build stronger, more harmonious relationships.

Conflict | Lack of communication | Jealousy | Apathy | Sex therapy | Emotional dependence

Systemic family therapy

We work on systemic family therapy addressing family dynamics, promoting mutual understanding and improving relationships, to create a more united and functional family environment.

Relationship problems | Difficulties with children | Coexistence difficulties | Boundary problems | Family conflicts | Support in couple breakups | Family mediation | Separations

Clinical Sexology

Our clinical sexology service offers professional and confidential guidance on sexuality issues, helping individuals and couples explore and improve their sexual lives in a healthy and satisfying way.
Erectile dysfunction | Premature ejaculation | Orgasm disorders | Vaginismus | Desire disorders | Couple therapy

Forensic psychology

We also offer a specialized service in forensic psychology which focuses on the application of psychological knowledge in legal contexts, assisting in evaluations, expert reports and expert advice for the judicial system.

Psychological expertise | Psychological reports | Sexual assaults | Traffic accidents